Maison de la culture Maisonneuve


The Maison de la Culture Maisonneuve (MCM) seeks provide all residents with access to a rich array of cultural events — from performances and conferences to lectures, exhibits and workshops.

The MCM Board of Directors is noted for its vision, dedicating substantial resources to emerging artists, and actively attracting new audiences.

For Monarque, the main challenge was to create a dynamic, fun and unique identity while working within the constraints of a limited budget.


We began by researching other players in the cultural sector, and discovered a sharp divide: organizations adopt a safe and generic visual approach. Or, by attempting to innovate, produce solution with a short shelf life.

We aimed to reconcile these extremes.


We created a dynamic, modular identity for MCM that’s versatile enough for both corporate and playful applications. The primary-colour palette, coupled with basic geometrical shapes, suggests a child’s game or tangram puzzle.

The playfulness also contributes visual respite to a neighbourhood that has significant economic and social challenges.

In keeping with our original mandate, the new identity and brand position MCM as a forward-thinking institution and champion of contemporary art.