Truth &

When your identity and purpose are truthful and clear, it’s easier for you to connect with your audience.

All organizations are unique and exceptional. The most powerful and sustainable way to differentiate is to reveal your true purpose, not to invent it. Which is why we brand from the inside out. Through the power of simplicity, we help organizations reveal their true essence, thereby enriching their presence and impact in the world.

When simplicity defines your message, it’s easier for your audience to understand and to engage.

By eliminating the unnecessary, we grasp the essential and let the necessary speak the truth. Translate it into an effective, simple, distinctive design that conveys your message in perfect clarity. Simplicity clarifies communications. A clear brand is more expressive. Says a whole lot more with less. 

When people invest emotionally in your brand, you increase your brand equity.

We use the power of simplicity to make your brand noticed. We build meaningful and authentic connections. Reasons why people should care. And therefore invest emotionally in your brand. We focus on the essential and true to elevate your brand in a crowded world.

With clarity, it’s easier to pull together resources, ideas and people for a common cause.

It’s hard to maintain any momentum if your direction lacks definition. Once you find your why, it’s easier to not get distracted from what’s important, to keep your focus, bring tangible results, fuel your motivation, and be more careful and selective about your daily actions.

directly, clearly
and with power.

Monarque is a thoughtful agency specializing in strategic branding communication and creative design services. We are an intelligent team of multi-disciplined, multi-ethnic, and multi-lingual bound by a singular vision: striving to continually make our surroundings clearer, better organized and more meaningful. 

Branding is connected with several different functions, which is why we focus on simple, holistic, original solutions to connect your brand to the right people.

consultations / analysis / research / workshop / interviews / positioning / employer branding strategy / vision / raison d’être / values / mission / personality / attributes / language / expression through the five sense

brand architecture / brand development / brand persona / brand guidelines / brand book / naming / storytelling / photography / copywriting / creative writing / visual platform

stationery / presentations / print design / brochures / packaging / newsletters / exhibition design / signage / wayfinding design / infographics / illustrations / regulatory reporting / promotional items / uniforms and vehicles / interior design

digital strategy / web design / web development / wireframing / information architecture / usability testing / user experience design / social media / search engine optimization

campaign development / ad campaigns / traditional advertisement / digital advertisement / creative content development / search engine marketing / social media marketing

Monarque has won numerous
awards in Canada and abroad.

Type Directors Club
Certificate of excellence

HOW International Design
Outstanding achievement award

Creativity Print & Packaging
Best of category: platinum award

Applied Arts Design
Highest score

Concours Infopresse
Prix Grafika

Design Edge Canada
Regional design award

Coupe International Design
International design award

ICOGRADA Design Week
International poster exhibition