Geneva Centre for Autism

From a small summer camp for people with autism in the mid-1970s, Geneva Centre for Autism has grown into a global leader in the development and delivery of clinical intervention services. In time for its 40th anniversary, Toronto-based GCA retained Monarque to update the brand in a way that better reflects the organization’s professionalism and leadership across multiple platforms.


As a leading organization, GCA’s brand must be distinct and easily legible at even the smallest size, as it often appears alongside other logos. We chose a vibrant red to act as a counterpoint and contrast to the secondary neutral grey accent. The red also makes a subtle reference to the Swiss flag, and to the Centre’s origins.

Brand Strategy

As autism spectrum disorder is a sensitive and often misunderstood topic, our strategy was to position GCA as a positive, friendly and accessible resource. We began by redesigning CGA’s logo to create an evocative, Swiss-inspired three-letter logotype. To ensure uniform usage and power, we also created a brand management package that includes recommendations, tagline, brand book and palette, design standards and user guidelines.

Signature line

The signature line — “Leading. Empowering. Inspiring.” — condenses the Centre’s reputation for excellence, action, and compassion. The typeface features simple, geometric forms that underscore GCA’s accessible culture of hope and professionalism.

Logo identity

The “g” icon (integrating the g+c+a acronym) is consistent with the brand’s positive energy. Note that the “g” suggests a laughing mouth. We created a clean, bold design for easy usage across print and digital platforms. The “g” can also be used independently on promotional items.


We began with an audit of peer organizations, to get a sense of how others position themselves. Certain patterns emerged: the frequent use of complex icons and illustrations; childlike handwritten fonts; and multicoloured palettes.

To differentiate GCA, we opted for a simpler approach, streamlining the icon, colour palette, and typography.


Since the rebranding project, many members of the GCA had the pleasure of working with Monarque on a number of projects. Monarque’s ideas were described as fresh and exciting by the chief executive officer. “Jean is a careful listener who is able to craft a vision from your words. He worked with us to ensure that our ideas came alive.” – Debbie Irish