Hailo App

The Europe-based taxi service, Hailo, is an app that lets users order a cab with just two taps on their smartphone. Monarque's responsibility was to consolidate multiple marketing assets and corporate attributes into a coherent whole.


Asked to help launch Hailo in North America, Monarque consolidated the technology startup’s design assets into a single platform and create efficiencies of scale in its marketing and communications.


To respect the fact that a brand evolves over time. Within a fiercely competitive market, this demanded quick turnarounds and ingenious solutions without sacrificing quality or exceeding the client’s limited budget.


For Monarque, the budget restriction can serve as a creative springboard. By creating efficiencies of scale in Hailo’s marketing communications, we did more with less, ramping up turnarounds and strengthening quality control.


Over the span of two years, we provided not just design support and production, but also strategies that helped Hailo expand its brand into more than 10 cities, cities, including New York, Montreal, Toronto, Boston, Washington, and Singapore.