School of Design

The UQAM School of Design is a renowned program that gathers three major design disciplines under one roof: fashion design, environmental design and graphic design. Graduates of the program have excelled in their profession for decades.


The highly regarded UQAM School of Design is one of Quebec’s foremost institutions, offering top-notch education in fashion, environmental and graphic design. Remarkably, similar to many departments who are identified by the name of the faculty, the School did not have its own visual identity that communicated its prestige and ranking in the province’s design world.


The challenge was to create a distinctive brand that unites the three design disciplines into a timeless whole, promotes the School’s cutting-edge design education, and appeals to a range of highly demanding stakeholders. This includes current staff and students, as well as graduates now occupying prestigious design posts at home and abroad.


The threefold graphic approach using a perforated pinpoint design embodies the concept of the three main tools — the needle, the nail, and the thumbtack — symbolizing each discipline. These tools not only represent their respective departments; they all share one common purpose: each one pierces the materials the designers work with, leaving a similar pinprick or pinpoint perforation.   


Monarque’s solution — distinctive, understated and timeless — won universal praise from all stakeholders. Satisfying this demanding audience of design peers ranks among Monarque’s proudest achievements. Its successful outcome came about by taking risks, trying new ideas and keeping an open mind. This campaign is an excellent example of focusing on and enjoying the process by incorporating the idea of play into work.