Support Your Way was developed as a service collaborative for the planning and coordination of adult and children's respite services across Ontario, within the developmental services sector. It is a service delivery mechanism designed to make access to respite services easier for families and caregivers.


Respite Services Network is an Ontario organization that provides easy access to respite services for families and caregivers. When RSN decided to expand membership to agencies, they invited Monarque to create a brand that encompasses this broader scope.


Monarque was asked to develop a new name, brand identity, brand architecture, tagline and brand theme that would positively capture not only RSN’s core values but also its service expansion — and launch a new chapter for the organization.


In the first phase, we developed a new name for the organization that reflects its expanded mandate and a broader range of connections. We produced a long list of names from which the client chose Support Your Way. We created a friendly and approachable icon that combines two fundamental principles behind the Support Your Way network: support for families and caregivers (the outstretched hand), and the freedom (the bird) to access reliable and effective online tools according to the user’s needs.


The new name struck a chord because it clearly empowers clients, tailoring services to their needs. The leadership group was very pleased with the result and the new identity was deployed in diverse promotional print materials and websites.